ReRa Solutions provides various kinds of Reference Cells. On this page, the main differences between the various cells are described.

Open Reference Cell:

  • 4-wire connection
  • Complete measurement of IV-curve of the cell is possible
  • Available parameters: Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmpp, Impp, Efficiency and Fill Factor
  • Professional measurement equipment (RR-1029 Solar Cell IV-Converter or Keithley) is required
  • Measurement purpose: detailed measurement and comparison of solar cell material + measurement solar irradiance

Shunted Reference Cell:

  • Including 500mΩ resistor (shunt)
  • Current of the cell is known
  • Calibration value = voltage produced at 1000Wm-2 solar light
  • Easy and commonly used method because simple voltmeter can be used to determine light irradiance
  • Measurement purpose: only for measurement of solar irradiance

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