New product: Multi-junction ISO type Reference Cell

ReRa Solutions, well-known solar cell measurement specialist, has just introduced a unique product: Multi-junction ISO type Reference Cell.

Component cells or ISO-type cells are used to determine the spectral content of the solar irradiation or for tuning / verification of multi-source solar simulators when spectro-radiometers are not fast or accurate enough.

The ReRa Multi-junction ISO type Reference Cell houses 4 single cells with an active area of 1 cm2 arranged to form a square (2.2 x 2.2 cm2). Two LEMO connectors provide the signals (triple junction, 3 component cells and RTD sensor). All four cells are connected using a 4-wire connection.

The triple junction InGaP/InGaAs/Ge solar cell and sub component (Top, Middle and Bottom) cells  are manufactured on germanium substrates.  The silver based finger pattern is laid on the active area by photolithography.

The four cells are composed as follows:

  • TJ: InGaP/InGaAs/Ge
  • TOP InGap/Ge with active Germanium subcell
  • MIDDLE InGaAs/Ge with active Germanium subcell

Two 6mm connectors are available to provide active cooling by a temperature controlled water bath. The bare cells are covered by a quartz window that can be taken off using 8 screws.

Please contact us for more information.