Article new Solar Cell IV-Converter (Spectrum)

In the latest Spectrum edition from LOT Quantum Design (n.143), an article was published on our new Solar Cell IV-Converter.

Read Spectrum 143_IV-Kennlinien

As the article is in German, the translation in English is enclosed below:

Keithley meters of the 24xx and 26xx series are the standard SMUs to measure solar cell IV curves. These systems can handle currents up to 3 A. However, today’s research normally deals with small area cells with low current levels. We now offer a cost-efficient solution that works with our well-established small-area solar simulators and can handle currents up to 200 mA. This is sufficient for most research applications. It offers 16-bit resolution and can also read out reference cells. The PT100 temperature sensor normally implemented in reference cells is also recorded. Values are corrected to 25°C according to STC. A 4.3” touch screen, USB interface and LabView VI guarantee easy implementation into your measurement setup. The system features a 0…5 V TTL signal (BNC termination) to control a solar simulator shutter, an adjustable ± 5 V bias voltage and 4-wire (Kelvin) input to improve measurement accuracy.

The new LS0036 is an economic all-in-one solution which can easily compete with established Keithley systems.