ReRa wishes you bright and joyful holidays!


ReRa wishes you bright and joyful holidays!

Our office is closed between 23 December and 1 January. We look forward working with you again in 2021!

New published article in Progress in Photovoltaics

In september 2020 the article “Results of the IX International Spectroradiometer Intercomparison and impact on precise measurements of new photovoltaic technologies” was published in Progress in Photovoltaics (© 2020 The Authors. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd)

In this article the results of the IX Intercomparison are described. For many years, ReRa Solutions is participating in this event.



ReRa introduces new productline PV-Blocks

ReRa Solutions has developed a completely new productline: PV Blocks. The PV-Blocks system is a unique and universal solution for testing any type of experimental PV technology like perovskite and hybrid solar modules, organic PV modules and high power Bi-facial modules.  The system is also suited for single cell measurements. With the development of the PV Blocks system, ReRa Solutions has entered the market of PV modules.

The modular PV Blocks system consists of the following blocks:

  • PV Base: base system PV Blocks
  • PV IV/MPP: performing several measurements of PV Modules (IV-Curves, MPPT, Voltage Biasing, Open Circuit)
  • PV MPP: Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Modules
  • PV IRR: Irradiance measurement
  • PV TEMP: Temperature measurement
  • PV MOD: connection to external instruments

Read more on the PV-Blocks website or contact us to discuss the possibilities.

ReRa introduces new product: Bifacial Reference Cell

ReRa Solutions has recently expanded the range of solar cells by a unique product:  Bifacial Reference Cell.

The Bifacial  Reference cell can be used for indoor measurements on  Bifacial modules.  The ReRa Bifacial cell has a front and rear side which both contain a high quality crystaline Silicon cell. Both cells are attached to their own dedicated PT100 temperature sensor. As ReRa produces all reference cells in its own facilities, the Bifacial cell can be customized with other cell materials as well.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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